Unschooled Art


My daughter just threw my name and blog out to the world which means maybe I should post something current or better yet maybe I should just start posting on a current basis so I tried… meaning I accidentally sent a post with just a photo which is  now deleted and reposted correctly……hoping those who follow me will understand…. so what have I been up to?  reinventing myself…….

here’s the condensed story…….

For over a year I had my eyes on a quilt pattern located on  the side of a barn in a nearby community.  It was done in a pattern of 3 bright yellow tulips. I  resisted the idea of painting one of these,  as after all, I am a glass artist and don’t know the first thing about  enlarging a flower design,  let alone how to go about painting one!

  But one can only resist for so long, something one would really like to do    I set out to paint my quilt.   It was supposed to be a simple eight point star. It evolved with bamboo  branches , circles  and stitches and many more quilts. Actually I’ve been painting quilts like crazy and will be doing a local event in Raleigh, NC  in early August! Yipee!

   So….I’ll tryt to make another post real soon…maybe I can tell you about the salsa making party!


whew!   not sure where the winter and spring weeks have gone! well really I do know..slowly I get back on board..I’ve allowed several things to get in my way…I won’t bore you with all the details…

one thing I have been doing is cleaning out! and part of that has been computer clutter, I’ve deleted all the old emails and make sure the spam folders are kept cleared …… easy to check all and then hit the ones I want to keep! I don’t let my snail mail stack into piles of 100 plus so why should I do this on the computer!

…if you have a list of emails a mile long start by deleting  them each time you get on the computer and then it’s not so over whleming…chances are the info is out there somewhere if you should ever want to retrieve it!



 just a friendly reminder that it is almost time for me to clean up the weaving studio! (actually folks it is great that you are coming over and I do this every month – please keep it up!)  

    we will be having the “Art” lunch on Wed the 15th at 12 noon or so….bring a covered dish (reply to all to keep repeats down please) bring a project to work on…(I’ve been spinning angora!) and we can sit around and chat, share and create…Please let me know your plans so I have plenty of seats………………………….
Part of my monthly routine is hosting this art lunch – and…it’s all about routines…I look forward to this group but also the preparation it affords me. Cleaning up the studio thinking of the friends I’ll get to see and the sharing.  It’s part of new ideas and insights into who we all are…looking forward to next Wed!


The days they get longer….yeah!    I need more time!

This month

 On the farm I’m ordering and starting seeds along with preparing the garden beds and enjoying those wonderful furred creatures the alpacas…

In the Glass Studio filling orders from the ACRE wholesale show

In the weaving studio developing and fine tuning my rag rug weavings…actually I’ve learned that people just don’t buy hand-made rag rugs anymore …they are too easy and cheap to come by in the department stores.  Not easily discouraged I am working to develop this style of weaving into wall hangings and will look to see what happens…

In the rabbitry spinning the newly harvested Angora fibers and breeding Alice….

Dining on the deck with my husband when the weather permits…

Back on Board

   Recently Darren Hardy made a post about getting back aboard. He used the current cruise ship tragedy as an example quoting the conversation of the captain and coast guard and commenting on how those remarks related to me!  yes me!  Starting  in  Feb   I will return to posting my monthly goals both for Hexapoda, my glass, weaving and also the Hexpoda garden calendar.  I hope you’ll enjoy following me in the coming year.

psst…the garden is growing..I’ve been invited to share in a community garden at Black Tulips Farms – I’ve been calling this the miracle garden for quite some time  after all it has unlimited sunshine and alpaca soil conditioner…oh the veggies one can now grow! 

in my last post I shared how crazy busy I’ve been and that I’ve been going in so  many directions and so I’ve finally decided to combine everything in one place….the studio, garden, animals and what I’m up to…more postings are coming soon…


   A few weeks ago I wrote about the benefits of writing more and wouldn’t you know I’ve written less, actually I’m busy and going in lots of directions with my work and hobbies…please be patient I do plan to write more I just need to figure out how to consolidate my activities into one place and make it easier and more fun so…soon more writing and info on all the activities of the studio and “farmer girl” life…