I was hoping to photo the progress of the project but it has not gone as I thought it would..so… no photos of the broken glass on the floor…. the canvas almost finished and oriented in the wrong direction…just a huge thank you to my daughter Rachel for coming by and painting the chickens…you see it was chicken day here at Hexapoda Farm yesterday (the meat birds were processed) and so chickens were on our minds..not to mention I’m a little chicken about taking this to the CMMAG   meeting tonight…


  I’ve been crazy busy which is a good thing  working on this canvasynergy project in my head and also physically.  I melted all the broken bottle glass into the shapes I needed and have painted them with the paints and so today I got the courage to paint the canvas…and so I really should ask the group just how long does it take for this paint to dry when you apply it rather thickly?…I think I ‘ll wait till tomorrow and see before asking…don’t want to scare them by showing just how little I know about painting…and oh yea they want everyone to volunteer at the big Art of the Carolinas event in November and I think to myself  I don’t know a thing about paints willing to learn… safe bet… sign up to be paint janitor…

the help…


 Several weeks ago one of my friends mentioned her son was out of work, I immediately responded with “would he like to wash bottles for me?”    Now I know washing bottles isn’t the most fun job in the world and it can be a little boring and the pay isn’t all that great BUT  it is fantastic that he is coming over on Tuesday for 2 hours each week and washing labels off the bottles.  I had no idea of how fantastic it would be to have someone helping….and so I ask is there someone out there you know of that could use a little extra money in return for helping you do a chore that just takes up your time?  If so,  it is  worth more than you know from the peace of mind that the task is done,  to being able to focus on doing other needed things in the studio…Thank you to Chris he is helping me more than he knows!

Glass Bits

   As September draws to a close I am finishing up my work on developing new offerings in recycled glass products and since September is Recycle Glass Month I have  been reading a book about plastic – It’s called PLASTIC – A Toxic Love Story by Susan Freinkle ( http://www.susanfreinkel.com/ )  and it is packed full of wonderful information.  I haven’t yet completed the book, but it is helping me redefine the line on when I should use plastic and when I shouldn’t confirming for me that glass  packaging is the best choice and also the best food storage container.  I say it all the time to people but it is so true, glass is good for you and the environment – choose products packaged in glass whenever you can and  avoid heating food in plastic containers .  The Anchor Hocking Co. makes great glass items for the kitchen at affordable prices and can be found in lots of department stores…http://www.anchorhocking.com/blog/index.html

    I had to order them,  “fire gloves” as  I almost  burnt my fingers today.  I follow the use it till it wears out motto and sometimes I shouldn’t wait so long…(good thing Mountain Glass Arts is in North Carolina and I usually get my order the next day)…I think they shudder when I tell them this but I save the old pairs and cut the fingers off so that when the new ones begin to wear I add a little more protection by putting the old finger tips on the new pair and they are good for another couple of weeks…still I have to order multiple pairs a year…I’d love to know what  other people do to make things last a little longer.

Every Day!?

   I’ve been following Seth Godin’s blog for a while now and today he wrote about why we don’t get talkers block but we can get writers block.  His advice write everyday! I have to admit I”ve never thought of myself as being very creative in writing and I see his point, the more you do this the better you will become. When I started my blog I was hesitant to put it out there in the world and then came the harder task of thinking of things to write about… It’s just like cutting glass, the more I have done the better I have become.  So I will follow his advice on a limited scale – no weekends – but I will try writing something 3 times a week, after all I do need to be out in the studio working… Until Monday have a great weekend!


It’s still September  – and I’m still working on being creative with glass….the little pinch jars are still in progress…fine tuning the lid.

   I really like the color and shape of  the gallon wine bottles and for some time  now I’ve been trying off and on to make a bowl out of them.   I have wanted to use the same technique I use when making tumblers and pouring vessels, but after a lot of glass showers I feel  if I want to make theses bowls I must make exceptions… This bowl is completely cold worked mainly due to the fact that the glass is very uneven in these bottles one side is thin and the other thick…making it very unpredictable when exposed to heat…kinda scary when you think about it…hot glass showers….I’ve got eggs in my bowl but would also be a great salad or chip bowl.  Hopefully coming to a gallery near you soon!