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The days they get longer….yeah!    I need more time!

This month

 On the farm I’m ordering and starting seeds along with preparing the garden beds and enjoying those wonderful furred creatures the alpacas…

In the Glass Studio filling orders from the ACRE wholesale show

In the weaving studio developing and fine tuning my rag rug weavings…actually I’ve learned that people just don’t buy hand-made rag rugs anymore …they are too easy and cheap to come by in the department stores.  Not easily discouraged I am working to develop this style of weaving into wall hangings and will look to see what happens…

In the rabbitry spinning the newly harvested Angora fibers and breeding Alice….

Dining on the deck with my husband when the weather permits…


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   Whew!    We’re here to September!    A little relief from the heat right now in central NC  so I’m thinking about firing the kilns on high again!     This is also the month where I try to  be a little more creative with bottle glass as it’s BOTTLE GLASS RECYCLING MONTH!   So my goals for the month are:

Photo and post on my wholesale site 2 new items –  Bird Feeders and my little “pinch jars”

Work with the afterschool program at the Chavis Center this month promoting bottle glass, recycling etc by making wind chimes from melted bottle rings. ( this is where the CMMAG holds it’s meetings and volunteers every month to do something artsy with the kids.)

and come up with a new crafty item anyone can make at home with bottle glass to celebrate bottle glass recycling month!

I’m also going to have someone come and help with bottle cleaning once a week! – big step – paid help!

Continue working on the CanvaSynergy project!

Hoping for a  great month ahead for everyone!

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August Goals!

   I can’t believe it’s August first!  So where has July gone and oh my gosh I need to post my August goals!  (not to mention I didn’t make a blog entry last month or my goals!)  Now why did I point that out? well, I can’t believe I did that .

  In reality I always have a list of goals from my simple to do list of each day to the bigger picture of the month and year.  As Dog Days come and go I plan to have my studio restructuring and organization complete by mid month, and then  begin work on a 2 new items.  I also need to update my quickbooks account with all my expenses.    I keep up with the sales as I just love to see that side of the books add up and so every couple of months or so I  do the expenses…ah…the privalage of keeping a small studio business…in reality I just need all the year-end figures but it is so nice to keep up with this throughout the year and print a report in January…I know so many artists who try to account for everything in January… time for me  to update and evaluate!

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Green Server - ? Holiday green ?


  I can’t believe we are into June and I have already spent 6 days in Las Vegas doing the trade show I thought would never get here!  So what to do in June?  Fill orders!   Work on Holiday line – thinking green in lots of ways – and I really want to do another run of molds and casting with bottle glass!

   On the farm I plan to harvest garlic, onions and potatoes, cook and enjoy fresh veggies  and plant  part of the fall garden…yes makes me feel cooler when I think of the veggies I’ll plant that will be better after the first frost.  I’ve also ordered some mushroom kits.  I did this a year or so ago and just loved all the wonderful mushrooms. I am especially looking forward to the pink flamingo kit as it just screams summer to me!  I’m planning on a big harvest of oyster, shiitake, blue oyster and pink flamingo mushrooms.   In case you’re interested  www.fungi.com/kits/index.html 

Other than being hot, what’s on your agenda for this hot month?

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Plain and simple …send orders out in a timely manner and get ready for my second wholesale show!   The wonderful vases below are some of my new work.       There are some things I simply can’t make out of bottles and so I’m working with art glass again!  While I love the glass tumblers and pouring vessels and all they green goodness they represent…I have to say I am enjoying a return to orange and purple…a few more colors are on the way…. 

   On the farm I’ll be planting the entire garden this month and enjoying the spring lettuces before it they bolt in our hot southern weather!  The honey bees arrived and are doing great!  We sheared the alpacas, and now I have mountains of fleece to spin…

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   I must admit I do like to watch the UNC Tar Heels play basketball and we are now beginning the month of games!   Saturday we play our rival team the Duke Devils….we better win!

   I’ve been busy, filling orders getting new orders, collecting bottles and of course trying to apply all I’ve learned in my casting class!    I made a great onion this past weekend from a 2 part mold and will post a photo when I have it photographed!

    My March goals will be to continue to  fill orders in a timely manner, acquire some new accounts and also do some product developement .  I will also be attending 3  Earth Day Affairs in and around my community in April!  I’m doing this in the hopes of connecting with local people who would like to divert their bottles for recycling to my doorstep!   So I must get ready for those, they start April 9th…

My wish list has changed a little bit!  I finally got the glass crusher!   While it’s is not the electric commercial one I had originally thought of this tamper type instrument does the job very fast, efficiently and quietly. Yea!

Items I’m longing for:

circular saw for cutting glass

lap grinder


kiln for glass firings

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I’m Back from Orlando!   I feel my work is going in a great direction and was so happy to meet so many wonderful and encouraging people!   So much so that I’ve signed up for more!

February Goals will be to complete all show orders due, contact current accounts and add more accounts.   Finish my annual review of goals  for the coming year!  (I started this program through Success Magazine last year) and when I look back on all I accomplished I have decided to continue each year fresh and new!  While some goals will be on the list for years others will be accomplished and new ones will be added every year!  find something that works/speaks to you and stick with it!

  develope and fine tune my cast offerings.  I really love this technique and have enrolled in a casting class to learn how to make molds so my creations can be original, although I do know a box is a box….


My wish list hasn’t changed it just gets longer….

circular saw for cutting glass


glass crusher

kiln for glass firings

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